Sunday, May 20, 2012

The beginning of the ending.

This is the beginning of the end. This is the end of highschool, it's a tad bitter-sweet. The only thing i don't understand is what is to come of me after highschool. What am i gonna grow up and be. Will life as we know it will be worth while. Is highschool a phase, or is highschool much needed. I don't know what to think, of life. I don't know what to think of life. I don't know what to think of life. It all has to come to end. I can taste the nasty and sour taste of life. It's gonna punch me like a thug from the streets. Don't worry i got my ice.

But i try, the Real ME.

This is the real me. I am not a writer, but i try. I'm not the best. but i try. I like to be creative with my work, but i try. Is My writing speaks with heart and love, and but i try. My writing is ameatur i guess, i  guess i never got the real meaning of being that "tourist" to myself, i will be fine. I myself need to be the writer. The right writer. Im to into my own self to like my own writing.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's the point.

Ever ask yourself why in the world your doing what your doing? Whats the point of this? How is this gonna help you? Life is a concept. A concept i have yet to understand. People have you do things in life to make you something, or someone. But why don't you see it when your doing? Many say that the things in the past, make them who they are now. I beleive in that. Everyone has a test when the come this planet, maybe i'm waiting for mine, or maybe that is my test, is to believe i don't have test.. Wait there has to be test. No there isn't a test. I'm still waiting. I'm ready to be what i'm not suppose to be. I'm ready to defy the odds. I'm ready to turn heads. Am I? Am I? Am I? Do i know what i want to be. Do i wait and wait and wait and wait.. Procastinate. I'm just gonna wait. For life to test me. At the end of the day, i'm gonna look back at the test, and flip it off.
And drive away in the sunset.

Ordinary World

This is Jack. Jack is married to Jill. This is ironic. Jack lives a simple and normal life. Jack lives in the a beautiful suburb in California. Jack works a job consisting of 60 hours a week. Jack is dead inside. He wakes up drinks his coffee, which is timed. Jacks hobbies including making tiny building models.His job as a accountant, ya well.. that's as fun as it gets. Jack is not married, or he is to his job. And his bizarre hobby. Jack one day on his way home, in his Prius was being followed by a car that he did not recognize. He slowly pulled into his 1 bedroom apartment. Swooooshhh. The car speeds off, Jack thinks nothing of it. Little did he know, it was God following him. Jack went to sleep the next morning. He opens his eyes, to wake up on top of a mountain. It's lush green of everywhere. Jack doesn't know how to handle all of this. From the sky, God comes in a Manly figure. Almost like Fabio. He picks Jack up, as he whistles a beautiful horse fly's in. Yes, Fly's in. His name is champers. God tells Jack to live life, and gave him a ultimatum of his life, he did not do what god directed him to do. Jack listened carefully life has never been the same for Jack. Never been the same.

Monday, April 30, 2012

I come, I Go

I come and go to school.
I come and go to school.
I come and go to school.
I don't learnn
I don't teach.
I socalize.
I come and go to school.
Why do i come to school.
I need to learn.
I need to be educated.
I need to be someone.
I come and go to school.

My Heart SAID

What did my Heart say?
What did my Heart Do?
What has been pumping in my heart?
I am sick of tired.
I am nervous
For the future.
Am i still gonna have this young heart.
Or will it go away next year.
Will this heart stay forever?
Maybe it's because i just get attached easily, or is it.
Is it because life as we know begins next year.
Why do i feel this why? Why do i hate the feeling of growing up? I was so exited for highschool, why not college? Am i going to lose all of my good friends? Is the xbox and squid eating roommate going to be my only friends next year. What about my family. They are gonna miss me, but little do they know all i want is out. Who knows whats to come of me?
My life starts in a couple of months.
What will my Heart say?
What would my Heart do?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's the point?

Music these days has just F
It's not the way it used to be. Rap and Hip hop is a whole complete different genre of music these days. Rap used to be a way of expressing your self through lyrical poetry, not there is not poetry what so ever. I guess this can be called venting, if you want. Music is not what it just used to be. I'm disgusted when i turn on the radio, and listen to all these crude lyrics constantly repeating itself over and over again.